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Overview of Shitan:

Shitan is located in the southeast of Anhui Province, in the territory of Huangshan City, a famous tourist city, and belongs to Xiakeng Town, Shexian County. It is adjacent to Xin'an River in the upper reaches of Qiandao Lake. It is one of the best photographic spots in Huangshan City. In recent years, after Luoping in Yunnan Province and Wuyuan in Jiangxi Province, another famous rapeseed scenic spot, which integrates photography, leisure and outdoor tourism, has long been known in the photography circle.

Her air is clean and fresh, and she has a well-preserved natural environment; the magnificent sea of clouds, mountainous mountains and the vicissitudes of ancient and scattered villages together constitute a beautiful picture of landscape and humanity; the Huayuan River and Changyuan River zigzag through the foot of the mountain, like the soft and lingering green neck of a beauty. Silk ribbon. The Changyuan River passes through Dalong Bay and Chongtou Village, which is circuitous and graceful in the shape of big figures, just like the scenery of Hetao of the Yellow River, the birthplace of Chinese civilization. Changyuan River and Huayuan River flowing through Shitan ancient village converge and flow, wash into sand bars, and transpire the sea of clouds, blend and store, and rush to the mother river of Huizhou Merchants - Xin'an River!

Every time it rains heavily, fog locks the terrace and the moon crosses. What a paradise! Shitan Fudi, quiet and beautiful, like a soft time to stay, strolling along the flower-scented path, looking for dreams in the poetic south of the Yangtze River, or imagining or dazed, has become a paradise for petty bourgeoisie and literary youth, once selected as one of the "Seven Great Beautiful Mountain Villages" by Netease Tourism.

Travel Tips:

1. Self-driving can stop at the foot of Shitan Village. From Shitan village down, the mountain path of Beishan scenic spot is narrow, steep slope and no parking space. It is suggested to transfer to local noodles. Local flour is about 10 yuan per person, or about 60 yuan per car charter fare. In order to protect the rights and interests of tourists, Xiakeng Town Government warmly reminds us that if there is a phenomenon of carrying passengers, we can record the license plate number and complain to 0559- 6950109.

During the rape blooming season from March to April, weekend beds are tight, and farmhouse entertainment needs to be booked in advance. At present, there are about 1500 beds.

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