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Shitan Hotel Reservation

2019-08-23 2228

Shitan hotel is scheduled to be divided into Shitan Village, Xiaxiao Village, Beishan Village, Shimutai Village and Xiakeng Town. Reservation telephone 18055923088 (Weixin same number) in March - April, rape blossom season, weekend bed tension, mostly 2 - 4 people. Agricultural delights need to be booked in advance. At present, there are about 1500 beds. Flowering season accommodation price is generally about 110-150 per person including dinner, breakfast and accommodation. Off-season accommodation is about 100-130 per person including morning and evening accommodation. Reservation Telephone 18055923088 (Wechat Same Number)


Mr. Wu said Shitan (text + video)

2019-08-23 2303

Shitan Eighteen Village has different scenery throughout the year. The most beautiful season in Shitan is in spring. Every year from March to April, photography enthusiasts and tourists gather around the country. Clouds and mists filled the mountain villages, and peach, plum and rape blossoms competed to open. On the hillside, in the fields, in the river islands, the golden rape flowers are like golden carpets on the earth. Peach, plum and white adorn them, everywhere is the sea of flowers, everywhere is the world of color. Unlike Wuyuan, Shitan Mountain Village has a stronger sense of hierarchy and is a three-dimensional picture of spring. This film is provided by the friendship of Mr. Wu Weixin Group of Shitan, Shanghai Photographer's Field Pastoral Song. This film is provided by Mr. Wu Weixin Group, Shanghai Photographer's Field Pastoral Song Friends.

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