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Teacher Wu's trip plan for the second half of 2019 (Aden Daocheng, Senbena, Chiang Mai)

2019-09-06 2451



Teacher Wu's Autumn Photography Tour

2019-08-28 3476

Years of rings, always in a hurry, when the flowers are not exhausted, panic has gone through the gap. Only through the swamp of spring and the indulgence of summer to the autumn can such calm, leisurely blooming of such brilliant colors. This is the most beautiful autumn in southern Anhui! Affectionate since ancient times hurt the departure, even more deserted Qingqiu Festival. When Dangui smells fragrant and Lin dyes, let's meet Mr. Wu after a long time. The Autumn Photo Troupe in Southern Anhui is divided into three stages: Group A: Nov. 10-Nov. 14, 2280 yuan per person Group B: Nov. 15-Nov. 19, 2180 yuan per person Group C: Nov. 21-Nov. 25, 2180 yuan per person


2020-02-28 3374


2019吴老师“百工千匠”徽州民俗人文摄影团集结号 Teacher Wu's "Hundred Craftsmen and Thousands of Craftsmen" Huizhou Folklore and Humanities Photography Club Collection No. 2019

2019-08-24 1671

Huizhou Baigong inherits a labor skill, while Huizhou's ingenuity demonstrates a professional spirit. In order to inherit this gene, further carry forward the spirit of Huizhou craftsmen, display the beauty of workers'demeanor and traditional art, disseminate the mellow Huizhou culture, inherit the spirit of craftsmen, and promote the construction of modern international leisure tourism in Huangshan City, Huangshan Federation of Trade Unions and Chinese Photography Newspaper will continue to co-organize the third session.“ The National Photographic Works Exhibition of Hundred Exercises and Hundreds of Exercises in Huizhou is aimed at soliciting contributions from the whole country.In order to cooperate with the 3rd National Photography Competition of the Chinese Photography Newspaper, the Teacher Wu's Photography Troupe of Hundred Craftsmen and Hundreds of Craftsmen will begin in early June 2019.


Teacher Wu's Photo Club Cluster Number and Travel Arrangement in Spring 2020

2019-08-28 2189

2020, whether for the world or for individuals, is a non trivial year.The year that left us all too far from the intersection, with memory, to revisit ourselves and the surrounding world. The spring of 2021 came and came, round and round life, and reopened new chapters in life, whether it was the greenish new on wafery or the plummeting spring water that landed on the corners of the Jiangnan and was approaching me in the spring. . 2021, let's get together again in Huizhou! Teacher Wu's Spring Photo Troupe will be divided into three days, six days and nine days (special price) trips in 2021. Each regiment is limited to 10 to 20 people. The forecast is speedy. (Huangshan assembly, brand new routes, star-rated accommodation, featured catering, luxury chartered cars, portrait models)

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