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Huizhou Travel--Shitan Strategy

2019-08-23 4423

Shitan, an administrative village in Shexian County, Anhui Province, is located in the mountains. It is a good place for viewing mountain rapeseed-peach blossom (March-April), sunflower (July-September), cloud sea. In recent years, numerous photographers and hikers have flocked to it. Passing through this place last week, I decided to take a temporary tour. There is no great beauty here, and it feels good on the whole. Feeling that it is very difficult to find information on the Internet, I would like to share the relevant information with bee friends, hoping to help you.


Muli-the Last Shangri-La on the Blue Planet

2019-08-29 3801

In March 1928, Joseph Locke, an American explorer, set out from Muli, crossed Daocheng, Aden and other places, through the three sacred mountains of Shanodoji, Yang Maiyong and Xiannairi, and went deep into the Gonggarling region. Finally, he reached Kangding, the city of love songs. After crossing the Rock Line twice, he published articles and photographs in the National Geographic Journal of the United States. James Hilton, an American writer, wrote his famous novel, The Lost Horizon, in 1933. People call the "paradise" described in the novel "Shangri-La", which has aroused a worldwide upsurge in the search for Shangri-La. That night, sleeping in a tent, I had a very strange dream. In my dream, I went back to the fairy tale land surrounded by high mountains - - Muli. She was so beautiful and peaceful. I also dreamed of the gold and wealth of the Middle Ages. I dreamed of buttered mutton and pine torches. Everything was so comfortable, comfortable and beautiful. . I would rather die in this beautiful mountain than in the cold bed of the hospital. Joseph Ivor Locke


Memories of the South of Caiyun (I was in Lijiang that year)

2019-08-29 3627

Lugu Lake is beautiful, beautiful in her blue water and sky. Lijiang is sentimental, because she is located in Western Yunnan, with the Naxi legend and the temptation of Yulong Snow Mountain. The ancient city of Lijiang is also noisy. The encounter of Lijiang has become a wishful yesterday's yellow flower for uncles.

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