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The Definition and Research Method of Huixue

The primary problem of Hui studies is what Hui studies are and the methods of Hui studies. Huizhou studies refers to the sum of ideas and theories with Huizhou characteristics, which take Huizhou society, economy, culture, ideology, art, science and technology, technology and so on as the research object. As a kind of "learning", Huixue is a kind of knowledge, theory and theory that can correctly and reasonably present the systematic knowledge of objective social, historical and realistic cultures. It is necessary to have reasonable and scientific methods to study Huixue. The degree of perfection of the research methods of Huixue reflects the maturity of the discipline in a sense.


Enlightenment of Ancient Huizhou Harmonious Society

Harmonious society is a balanced and stable society, but this kind of balance and stability is a dynamic balance and stability; at the same time, harmonious society has a certain space-time relativity, different countries and different nationalities have different social harmony, the same country and the same nation have different harmony in different historical periods. The construction of a harmonious society is a process of continuous practice and creation.


Public Affairs Management of Huizhou Villages and Towns in Ming Dynasty from the Perspective of Ancestral Ceremony and Township Covenants

The enormity of social life and the complexity of its constituent elements determine that the management of public affairs is an eternal topic. In this respect, the management model of Huizhou villages and towns in Ming Dynasty has classical reference significance. Most villages in Huizhou live together, and a village is often a family. Its management of public affairs is relatively easy and simple, so long as it relies on such things as ethnic rules in the feudal patriarchal clan system, it can cope with it freely.

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