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Shitan Tourism Network, http://www.shitan.net.cn, founded in 2003, by Wu Qiong

Wu Qiong, the founder of Shitan Photography Network, is one of the pioneers of Shitan Scenic Area. The sponsors and judges of all previous photographic activities and competitions in Shitan.

Over the years, we have been committed to publicizing our hometown, promoting photography and tourism in Huizhou, developing new resources and inheriting Huizhou culture. Free photographer, middle school teacher.

Teacher Wu's contact information:

Telephone 18055923088 (Weixin Same Number) Two-Dimensional Code See the bottom of the home page


E-mail 343075424@qq.com

Mr. Wu's Public Number: Huizhou 52099 Two-Dimensional Number at the bottom of the homepage

Follow Mr. Wu to visit Shitan.

We can provide you with comfortable accommodation and delicious catering service. At the same time, we can also provide discount tickets!