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Shitan, an administrative village in Shexian County, Anhui Province, is located in the mountains. It is a good place for viewing mountain rapeseed-peach blossom (March-April), sunflower (July-September), cloud sea. In recent years, numerous photographers and hikers have flocked to it.

Passing through this place last week, I decided to take a temporary tour. There is no great beauty here, and it feels good on the whole.

Feeling that it is very difficult to find information on the Internet, I would like to share the relevant information with bee friends, hoping to help you.

(It's called a big strategy. In fact, it's some information about eating, living, traveling and traveling that we learned in advance when we collected and played.)

A. Overview of Scenic Spots

First, look at the picture below, and have a general understanding of the scenic spots:

Four red pentagrams on the map represent four natural villages. They belong to Shitan Village (administrative village). Xiexi, Hushan, Beishan and Shimujie are all on the top of the mountain, while Shitan Village is at the foot of the mountain. The order from low to high according to altitude is Xiexi, Hushan, Beishan and Shimujie.

Natural scenery is distributed in four villages on the mountain, and Shitan Village under the mountain is said to have two historic sites. Shitan, Xiaijie, Hushan and Beishan form a tourist ring line (the main line), which is known to cover about 10 kilometers. The persimmon on the branch line is about 2 or 3 minutes away from the main line.

Every village on the mountain can see the cloud sea with flowers. The cloud sea and even the whole landscape are the best. The cloud sea needs weather cooperation.

Beishan and persimmon to see the sunset at the junction, down, Hushan to see the sunrise. The villagers of Hushan village have all moved away. I don't know if there is any place to live.

The whole road is narrow and there are few places for cars. It's difficult for two bigger off-road vehicles to meet each other. Shitan Village - Xiexi, Shitan Village - Beishan, each about 3KM, steep, winding, sharp, is a more dangerous section, if the car skills are not skilled, it is recommended not to drive up the mountain. Traffic control will be implemented during peak season (especially from Friday to Sunday). Directions of driving will be stipulated. Foreign cars will not be allowed to drive up the hill. They will be parked in the parking lot of Shitan, either on foot or renting local cars to go up the hill.

B. Eat, live, travel and travel

Time: If you are not an enthusiast, 1-2 days is enough, usually 1 day can be completed.

Tickets: Free

Sunrise and sunset time: March to April are around 5:30 in the morning and evening.

Scene: Rapeseed & Peach Blossom (March, April), Sunflower (July-September), the best viewing time please consult the local inn.

Travel suggestions:

1. According to the time when you arrive at Shitan Village, you can choose to go to the mountain for all, part or live directly in Xiashicun on the same day, and see the sunrise or the sea of clouds the next morning. (It's not recommended to live down the hill unless it's dark)

2. If you are not a hiker, it is recommended to rent a car to go up the mountain. Personally, there is no scenery on the two sections of the mountain road, Shitan Village-Xiexi and Shitan Village-Beishan.

3. If you arrive before 3 p.m., you should rent a car for the whole journey, find a driver familiar with the shooting point, and take you to a private viewing platform for parking and playing (some of the shooting points are in other people's homes).

4. There is a viewing platform in the downfall, which is the place with the best landscape and the most people.

There is also a scenic spot on the top of Hushan Mountain. There is a small hill beside it. It has a good view, almost a panoramic view, and a good view. If it rains and the road is slippery, you should be cautious.

5. Xiashijie Bingshan Nongjiale-Xiashijie Scenic Platform-Hushan Village-Hushan Scenic Platform-Shimujie intersection-Beishan, this section is worth hiking.

The first section is slightly uphill, the second and third sections are relatively steep uphill roads, the fourth and fifth sections are downhill roads, and the intersection of Shimujie - Shimujie is flat roads.

Rent a car: The taxi side is waiting in line in the Shitan parking lot. If you have a familiar driver, you can also find him directly or pick you up at a designated location.

Shitan Village - Xia Ji or Shitan Village - Beishan, carpooling is 10 yuan per person, chartered car is generally 40 yuan; the whole chartered car is 200 yuan.

The so-called chartered car is to take you around the loop, stop and shoot as you call, to meet the personality requirements. Of course, if it is difficult to estimate in the peak season, and there is no parking lot along the narrow road, parking not only affects traffic but also is unsafe.

Eating and lodging: There are several Inns on the hill. Usually they are eaten and lodged together. I have collected a few.

Elimination: Yunai Villa 18726839263 (recommended by Mr. Wu)

Elimination: Bingshan Nongjiale 13855953499 (good location)

Elimination: Yunzhongzhuang 15955591503 (a 60-year-old Zhang surname couple's experience, old shop)

Beishan: Lili 18955935059 (provided by donkey friends)

Beishan: Beishan Villa House 17755936526 (recommended by Mr. Wu)

In addition, you can browse: Shitan Travel Network http://www.shitan.net.cn or consultation website owner Wu teacher 18055923088 (Weixin same number).
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Follow Mr. Wu to visit Shitan.

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