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Huizhou Baigong inherits a labor skill, while Huizhou's ingenuity demonstrates a professional spirit. In order to inherit this gene, further carry forward the spirit of Huizhou craftsmen, display the beauty of workers'demeanor and traditional art, disseminate the mellow Huizhou culture, inherit the spirit of craftsmen, and promote the construction of modern international leisure tourism in Huangshan City, Huangshan Federation of Trade Unions and Chinese Photography Newspaper will continue to co-organize the third session.“ The National Photographic Works Exhibition of Hundred Exercises and Hundreds of Exercises in Huizhou is aimed at soliciting contributions from the whole country.In order to cooperate with the 3rd National Photography Competition of the Chinese Photography Newspaper, the Teacher Wu's Photography Troupe of Hundred Craftsmen and Hundreds of Craftsmen will begin in early June 2019.

The specific duration of the regiment is as follows: (15 persons per regiment are limited)

Phase I: June4- June8, 2021

Phase II: June 18 - June 22, 2021

Phase III: 24 August to 28 August 2021

Phase IV: It depends.

Hotline: 18055923088 (Weixin No.) Mr. Wu

1. Cost: 1880 per person (deposit 500)

Include: 5 days, 4 nights, more than three-star accommodation, catering, tickets and all the scene organization and settings, charter, guide insurance and all other expenses.

Exclude: Large-scale transportation and other consumption from all over Huangshan to Shexian County.

2. Gathering place: Shexian County, Huangshan City (Ancient City of Huizhou)

3. Travel outline: (fine-tuning in all three phases)

D1: Way brick carving workshop, Hui ink factory, silk reeling factory, fishing boat singing late.

D2: Oil Press Shop. Xuan Paper Mill, Sanzhang Sanxuan Paper Workshop and a complete set of Xuan Paper production process. Gufeng oil cloth umbrella.

D3: Chenqu of Qingyi River, shooting of ancient pottery kiln, hanging foot tower, Chaji ancient village

D4: Morning fog sunrise, terrace irrigation, Shangtan (Phase 1) or centipede ridge (Phase 2).

Lingjiao village farmyard Douli, bamboo plaque and other bamboo weaving, earth stove, blacksmith shop, straw shoes, etc.

D5: Humanities of Xiuning Ancient Town Old Street and Wetland of Xixi South. Delivery in the afternoon.

Main Scene Photos

Follow Mr. Wu to visit Shitan.

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