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Teacher Wu's Autumn Photography Tour Hits:7731    Addtime:2019-08-28 12:56:24
Years of rings, always in a hurry, when the flowers are not exhausted, panic has gone through the gap.

Only through the swamp of spring and the indulgence of summer to the autumn can such calm, leisurely blooming of such brilliant colors.

This is the most beautiful autumn in southern Anhui! Affectionate since ancient times hurt the departure, even more deserted Qingqiu Festival. When Dangui smells fragrant and Lin dyes, let's meet Mr. Wu after a long time.

The Autumn Photo Troupe in Southern Anhui is divided into three stages:

Group A: Nov. 10-Nov. 14, 2280 yuan per person

Group B: Nov. 15-Nov. 19,  2180 yuan per person 

Group C: Nov. 21-Nov. 25,  2180 yuan per person 

Follow Mr. Wu to visit Shitan.

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