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Memories of the South of Caiyun (I was in Lijiang that year)

Lugu Lake is beautiful, beautiful in her blue water and sky.
Lijiang is sentimental, because she is located in Western Yunnan, with the Naxi legend and the temptation of Yulong Snow Mountain. The ancient city of Lijiang is also noisy. The encounter of Lijiang has become a wishful yesterday's yellow flower for uncles.

July 17 Lugu Lake

When looking at Lugu Lake from a high place, it is indeed full of charm. The blue lake is sparkling, and every lamp is full of warm yearning. It was hard to get out of the primitive jungle in the wood, and suddenly came to a place like smoke and dream. Everyone's mood was very happy.
On the evening of the 16th, we stayed in a hotel facing the lake near Lugu Lake Valentine's Bay, where there were not many tourists and it was quiet. It is worth mentioning that its copper hotpot dinner, but also more distinctive. Flowers are blooming in the courtyard.

On the 17 day, we spent the whole day playing around the lake in Lugu Lake. We sat there in a pig boat and staggered to net red punch card: Dear inn.

Lugu Lake is full of poetic and picturesque, she is spring all the year round, even in the hot summer in the south of the Yangtze River, she is still cool breeze. Whether it's Rigg Peninsula, Valentine's Bay, Marriage Bridge, every fjord, every rippling blue wave, every crescent boat, even if it looks like an insignificant dear inn, all have a graceful temperament, even a common aquatic plant in the water, also known as "water poplar". Most of the tourists who come and go like this are also temperamental.

When boarding on the boat, look at her level like a mirror, look at her distant mountains like Dai and blue sky and white clouds, listen to the self-proclaimed black skin of the Molu boat family. In my eyes, Lugu Lake is only suitable for long-distance viewing and not obscene playing. It is only suitable for living in lakeside inns, forgetting spring, summer, autumn and winter, shielding all human disturbances, staying quietly or holding hands.

Lugu Lake-Lijiang on July 18

On July 18, we left Lugu Lake for Lijiang and went to Lashihai on the way. Now Lashihai has become a big stall of commercial tourism. These so-called high-end clubs, which are divided along the lake, are full of crowds and streamlined team operation modes. The one-sided profit-seeking business tourism mode is destroying the image of this land, eroding people's patience, chaotic management and poor sanitation environment. It also reflects the chaotic phenomenon of Yunnan tourism from one side.
Out of the lakeside club, we intend to find a way into the real Lashihai wetland, and finally return in vain, enclosed in prison everywhere, can not be approached at all.
Our night accommodation was finally settled in Shuhe Ancient Town on the advice of our friends. Shuhe is relatively quiet, but the whole town has not yet formed a complete layout, and inns are being built everywhere. The Inn we stayed in was opened by a young couple as well as a rented house. The decoration of the house followed the pattern of most excellent houses. The wooden structure was simple and unadorned, reflecting ingenuity in details. The male hosts in the lodgings are more patient and gentle. Although they have not opened the inn for a long time, they still feel that they have some characteristics. Perhaps they have stayed in the inn for a long time and their temperament has changed.

We spent two nights in Lijiang. On our first night in Lijiang, we all went to see a performance that impressed Lijiang's eternal love. It feels good. After the performance, the actors interacted with us in the square. At that moment, along with the live singing and dancing, it still feels like hall hi. When we walked out of the studio, we were still immersed in the music of the Naxi people. Every face was shining with brilliance.

July 18 Lijiang-Shangri-la-Tiger Leaping Gorge-Lijiang Ancient City
On the 18th, we decided to go to the ancient city of Dukezong in Shangri-La. Shangri-La is not too far from Lijiang, but it still takes some time to go back and forth. After all, many people know that Shangri-La is a poetic and picturesque name, so it's a pity not to go.
Dukezong ancient city is not big, but there is an extraordinary turning barrel, panting to climb up, dozens of people turn together, looking up at the barrel, blue sky and white clouds overhead, grand momentum. From here, you can also overlook the whole city of Shangri-La.
There is also a grassland near Shangri-La. The grassland is not big, and it seems to have no characteristics. Maybe it's just because it's close to Shangri-La that people pay attention to. The sun in Yila grassland is hot, but it can't stop women who love beauty. The level of a bay on the grassland is like a mirror reflecting the blue sky and white clouds and their colorful skirts, which still makes beautiful pictures. Even if they stop for a short time on the road, off-road vehicles have become their best props!
Tiger Leaping Gorge is located between Shangri-la and Lijiang ancient city. Surging rivers, rolling and roaring, like lions roaring and tigers roaring, transpire between the canyons spray mist, let people sigh the magnificence of mountains and rivers.
From the east of Gradan, the Jinsha River travels thousands of miles to this place, suddenly encountering the obstruction of Yulong and Haba snow mountains, the original calm and peaceful river water becomes irrepressible. The Tiger Leaping Gorge is the largest canyon of the Yangtze River, which crosses between Haba and Yulong Snow Mountain and is named for the legend of the fierce tiger leaping across the heart of the river. Waterstone roaring, 216 meters short distance drop, Tiger Leaping Gorge is famous for its deep mountains and valleys, magnificent and precipitous majesty.
Coming to the ancient city of Lijiang in the evening, it is the beginning of the Chinese lanterns. The crowded Sifang Street is decorated by the lights at night. It is ambiguous and noisy. The bars from far and near are singing and mingling with the noise of the voice. The drums of the Naxi people are beating people's disturbed hearts. Lijiang, is sensational. I believe that countless people who come here, with beautiful love expectations, hope to meet the lover in their dreams.
But what about reality? Cloud water Zen heart, flowers blossom like a dream, a stream, some birds call, a few flowers blossom and fall. Most reluctant to say that the vicissitudes of the sea Santian, but still the mirror fireworks, years go by... Some things, in addition to their own, no one will understand. The past is hard to recall.
When I walked up the bar stairs to the attic, ordered a glass of wine and sang a song, the endless loneliness still pervaded the Naxi night wind chimes. I used to think that there was a beautiful girl who would never give up and share the world with you, but now, looking at Loulan, they are separately drifting away.
That year, I was in Lijiang, where were you?

July 19, Erhai Lake, Eryuan, Dali

This trip to Lijiang, following the instructions of a friend from Guangdong, Mr. Pan, to Eryuan West Lake boating is the most beautiful journey to enjoy. Although Mr. Pan did not find the row of houses with clear mirrors under his lens, he found Uncle Du, who was the boat podder. Uncle Du, like the guerrilla captain of the reed marsh, hid in the shade at the entrance of the scenic spot and waited for the rabbit. Just then we came.
It's expensive to pack a boat in a scenic spot, and the service staff in the scenic spot are not very friendly. After the connection code was matched, we went to Uncle Du's house for tea and chat and waited for the boat. At last, uncle duo and his wife rowed a noisy pig boat, supporting a long pole to break the mirror like sky, leading us to the lake and to the green grass.
The West Lake of Eryuan is different from Xizi Lake in Hangzhou. It belongs to idyllic lake. It not only has typical scenery of lake and wetland, but also interweaves pastoral villages. It is more simple, natural and human. Quan Bank, Island, Harbour Branch, Phragmites australis, aquatic plants, rare waterbirds, village dwellings... There are lakes in the village, lakes in the village, there are villages, with a more diverse sense of experience.
In the twelve years of Chongzhen in the Ming Dynasty (1639 AD), Xu Xiake, who traveled here, praised in his travel notes: "Ting Lane is the same, twists and turns into fun, while the depths are open-minded and the places are beautiful. You have the scenery of the south of the Yangtze River, while there are four mountains surrounded by green, Juexizi Lake is also under it.
There are many aquatic plants and reeds in the lake, and many birds live between them. In the lake, Jasmine, a precious aquatic plant of the family Nymphaeae, grows. Jasmine is also called "Shuihua Tree". Whenever the wind and sunny day, in the deep green transparent water, from bottom to top, a string of bright beads emerge, in the sunshine, like a jade tree with pearls, very beautiful. Such a lotus can really be called, Zhuangqing Lian but not demon.
The boat travels silently among reeds and shrubs, the level is like a mirror, the breeze is blowing, the Cangshan Mountain in the distance, the nearby villages, the blue waves in front of us, the green buds on the mud, the oil swaying under the water...
Such transcendence and elegance, such tranquility and beauty, have long won but countless human beings!

Dali, on the Erhai shore of Cangshan Mountain, has a unique geographical location and a flourishing night that surpasses Lijiang.

In the evening of Erhai Lake, the sea and the sky are the same, and the crowds of the ancient city run shoulder to shoulder, but the bar is wider than Lijiang. The bars are no longer blindly screaming, but more fresh and fresh. Every place, every side of the water and soil, not only has the passenger and a city's cause, but also needs to bend down to taste.

On July 20, these happy and beautiful female companions left us in the south of Caiyun. Teacher Ding from Shanghai and Mr. Xu and his wife from afar also went to Kunming. Although we may see each other soon after our departure, our partners are still full of sadness. We embrace our departure and wish us a safe journey.
In the past ten days, we have been together day and night, happy and helpful, walking on the horizon, leaving many good memories. This unforgettable journey has become the most beautiful movement in our life and will always be sealed in the depths of our memories. I believe that the purity and beauty of this friendship will become a candle light to light up our inner world.
Because we have to go to Pingcha and Moto, so I have to take a short day off in Dali with Mr. Xu of Anji and the fish of Nanjing. Their cars also need some maintenance and supplies. Then we started our journey to Tibet.
After everyone left, I slept for an afternoon and came to Erhai alone at dusk. The sky is drifting with sporadic raindrops. The uniform sunset of sea and sky is showing a brilliant light. Maybe because of the rain, the sky is more colorful. Cangshan in the distance, the cruise ship in the vicinity, the picture is beautiful and sentimental, reminding people of the scene of the movie Cape 7.

Follow Mr. Wu to visit Shitan.

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