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Teacher Wu's trip plan for the second half of 2019 (Aden Daocheng, Senbena, Chiang Mai) Hits:3818    Addtime:2019-09-06 09:19:09
When Dangui smells fragrant and Lin dyes, let's meet Mr. Wu after a long time.

September Huizhou "Hundred Craftsmen and Thousands of Craftsmen" Autumn Group

Oct. 10-16 Daocheng, the most beautiful autumn in Western Aden Chuan

Autumn Photography Group of the Colorful Huangshan Mountains from October 20 to 23

Autumn Photography Group of the Most Beautiful Southern Anhui Province, Nov. 10-25

Jan. 2020 Senbena/Chiang Mai, Northern Taipei

Registration hotline and telephone number:

Teacher Wu 18055923088 (Weixin No.) Anhui Huangshan Huijie Holiday Travel Agency

15 persons per term, deposit 500

Route 1: The most beautiful autumn journey of Aden Saida in Western Sichuan

The western Sichuan plateau in autumn is a huge palette.

In 2017, the first time I took the Sichuan-Tibet line, western Sichuan left me the deepest memory of my life. The beautiful scenery along the way, only the most beautiful autumn, so more miss, want to find a dream again, the last pure land on the blue planet autumn, I want to meet the most beautiful of her in the most beautiful season...

Delegation time: 10-16 October Chengdu assembly

Cost estimate: 3680 per person (inclusive of hard-line off-road + six-night accommodation)


D1: Chengdu-Wenchuan-Zhuokeji-Malkang-Guanyin Bridge

D2: One-day Funeral Platform of Guanyinqiao, Yise Da County/Luhuo, Wuming Buddhist College

D3: Seda County/Luhuo-Kasahu-Ganzi-Xinlong-Litang-Haizishan-Daocheng-Shangri-La Town.

D4: Shangri-La Town, Aden Village, Chonggu Temple, Pearl Sea, Chonggu Ancient Meadow and Shangri-La Town

D5: Daocheng County, Yixinduqiao Town, 18mei-Danbajia resides in Tibetan stockade.

D6: A panoramic view of the 14th Girls Mountain, a Yingxiu Earthquake Site of the Balangshan Mountains and a Chengdu Earthquake Site

Near Daocheng County, by the riverside, there is a beautiful pastoral scenery. Among them, "Sangdui Town", "Salad Morning Fog" and "Riverside Sunset" are the most famous. In autumn, the grass on the Red Grass Beach turns red. Red and bright, gorgeous and warm. Locals call them "reddish reeds" and "carmine fallen by fairies".

Autumn Photography Group of Huangshan Mountain

Time of departure: Huangshan Gathering from October 20 to 23

Cost estimate: 1080 per person for four days and three nights without tickets or cable cars.


D1, October 20. The ancient city of Huizhou in Shexian County is gathered. In the afternoon, Kan Tanqiu, a portrait of ancient dwellings.

Early autumn in Xieli, Tachuan. Late stay in Hongcun.

D2, October 21, morning, Qishu Lake, Hongcun Autumn. Afternoon, Xidi, Biyang, Huangshan North Gate Autumn, Metasequoia Forest Love Tunnel.

D3, October 22, in the morning, Jiulong Oil Press Workshop, in the afternoon, autumn and sunset in the West China Sea Grand Canyon. Check in Paiyun Tower Hotel, Star Track.

D4. October 23. Sunrise Cloud Sea, Qingliangtai, Lion Peak, Shixin Peak, Beihai, Yungu Temple. Delivery in the afternoon.

The Three Most Beautiful Lines South Anhui Autumn Photography Group

Delegation Time: Three Phases of Huangshan Gathering

Mission A: 10 November-14 November

Mission B: 15 November-19 November

Group C: 21 November-25 November

Cost estimate: 2080 per person for five days and four nights


Summary of Group A's itinerary:

D1, meet at noon, in the afternoon, Hui style brick carving workshop + Dazhou Yuantulou autumn color. In the evening, a lecture on photography.

D2, Morning, Xin'an Morning Song. In the morning, Wuyuan Maoling sun autumn, in the afternoon, Wangkeng, Shangtan autumn, Longwei Maple Leaf Bay. In the evening, night in Jiangling.

D3, get up early, take pictures of Jiangling morning, cooking smoke and Persian chrysanthemum. In the morning, Qingyuan in autumn, and in the afternoon, autumn in Xieli of Tachuan + autumn in Nanhu of Hongcun. Hongcun night, live in Hongcun.

D4, get up early, Qishu Lake morning. In the morning, autumn in Tachuan and Hongcun. In the afternoon, Pingshan and Xiuli. Continue to live in Hongcun.

D5, get up early, Lucun cooking smoke, morning, Xiuning Huangcun, Xixi South Wetland, afternoon, send the group.

Summary of Group B's itinerary:

D1, meet at noon, and in the afternoon, autumn in Tachuan + autumn in Hongcun South Lake. Suhong Village, Photography Lecture.

D2, morning, Qishu Lake early morning + Tachuan autumn. In the afternoon, Dawn Bighead sleeps in Xiaoling in the autumn.

D3. In the morning, the smoke from the kitchen in the Xiaoling Mountains dawned. In the morning, all the way to Tsinghua Town was photographed. In the afternoon, Yantian autumn. Late, stay in Shicheng.

D4, Shicheng cooking smoke, red maple autumn, afternoon, Changxi autumn. Live in Changxi.

D5, Wubei autumn, Tuochuan, Dali pit, etc. Afternoon, return trip.

Summary of Group C's itinerary:

D1, meet at noon, and in the afternoon, show the folk custom of Kan Sun Qiu + Lingshan River Street. Night Photography Lecture.

D2, the morning of Xixi South Wetland, the autumn of Tachuan in the morning, and the autumn of Hongcun South Lake in the afternoon.

D3, Qishu Lake Morning View + Hongcun Tachuan Autumn. In the afternoon, I rushed to Qinglong Township Metasequoia Forest Wetland in autumn.

D4, morning, Chujiatan, Qinglong Bay dawn. In the afternoon, pictures were taken at Xuan Paper Mill and earthenware kiln in Jingxian County. In the evening, the Peach Blossom Lake steps on the ancient shore of the night.

D5, Qingyi River morning mist, fishing song. In the morning, the autumn scenery of the East Huangshan Mountains, the Shanghai style buildings, the small trains, and the delegation in the afternoon.

January 2020 Winter Holiday Companion Tourist Plan

Line 1, Senbena

What kind of warmth is it in Xianben in winter?

Let's go to the blue sea like a mirror.

Semporna is a county in Sabatou, Malaysia. Semporna literally means perfect in Malay. The town is surrounded by sea water, and Xianbana and its affiliated islands are like a dream island in the real world, and also a famous diving resort in the world.

There are many large and small islands in the sea area of Senbana. The four most popular islands with hotels are Bongbang Island, Madakin Island, Kapalai Island and Mabu Island. The four styles have their own merits and are suitable for tourists with different hobbies.

Line 2, Chiang Mai, Taibei Town

Chiang Mai is a city in northern Thailand with beautiful environment and cool climate, second only to the capital Bangkok.

Follow Mr. Wu to visit Shitan.

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