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The first report of spring rape flower situation in 2021: Hits:4014    Addtime:2021-02-17 23:42:28

The first report of spring rape flower situation in 2021:

Although the temperature was relatively low in winter last year, since the beginning of spring, especially during the Spring Festival, the weather is fine and the temperature is rising, so rape flowers tend to bloom ahead of time.

At present, early flowers are opening in succession. In 2021, the first flowering period of rape will be advanced to the end of February and the beginning of March, which is the earliest year in history. The full flowering period will be advanced to the middle of March, and the Qingming Festival will come to an end. I hope the flower appreciation department will make preparations for the trip in advance.

Shitan photography network teacher Wu Qiong February 18, 2021

The following is the actual picture of rape flowers in Shitan xiatai village today.

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